Fine Art Landscape Prints

I offer several different print options in a variety of sizes. Other than your budget, the biggest consideration will be where the print will hang and how susceptible it will be to glare and reflection from nearby windows and light sources. If glare is going to be an issue, or you simply don’t like the glossy look, I recommend the Dibond mounted prints option. Otherwise, if you have good overhead lighting and no big windows nearby, both Acrylic and Metal prints are good options. Paper prints allow you to work with your local picture framer to match your room and home style and can work well in most lighting situations. Be sure to request non-glare glass or acrylic. Canvas will be the most affordable and will come in a Satin finish which works great for most all lighting situations. All ordered prints will come with a digital signature on the bottom left or right depending on the photo.

Shipping is included for the continental U.S. at no additional cost. Tax will be charged on all Utah orders.

Because I am often out in the field days at a time orders may be delayed. Typical delivery time is around two weeks, but under some conditions may be up to four weeks.

If you were in Moab and became aware of my photography seeing my prints at The Sundry please make sure to order though them rather than through my website.

Acrylic Prints

Your photo is printed on metallic paper, then face-mounted to 1/8” thick anti-glare acrylic so you’re looking through the acrylic at your print. This is then backed with dibond, providing protection and rigidity. For prints up to 36” there is a wood/wire configuration attached to the back to float the print ¾” from the wall and hangs from a single point. For prints over 36” there is an aluminum subframe mounted on back with a french cleat system for hanging.
Acrylic is a flexible, shatter-resistant plastic that's more transparent than glass. Acrylic face mounting has many unique features, including:
Image quality
: Acrylic face mounts are known for their image reproduction. The smooth paper and acrylic surfaces produce clear, crisp imagery. Light refracts through the plexiglass, intensifying colors and clarity.
Enhanced visual impact
: The acrylic sheet placed over the image intensifies colors, enhances contrast, and adds a sense of depth.
: Acrylic printing keeps your print sealed inside, resisting humidity, moisture, ultraviolet (UV) light, dust, and abrasions.
Minimalist look
: Acrylic face mounting gives you a minimalist, modern look that sets off your artwork without a busy frame.
High shear strength
: Face mounting has a very high shear strength and will hold, whereas other mounting adhesives have a lower shear strength.

Dibond Mounted Photo Prints

The photo is first printed on professional quality metallic paper and then mounted to a 1/8” Dibond backing. Dibond is a 1/8” thick composite material consisting of two aluminum sheets enclosing a hard plastic core. Being lightweight and durable it is a great option for large-format prints. It is finished with a matte laminate to protect the print. These prints have a unique look and have very little glare or reflection. For prints up to 36” there is a wood/wire configuration attached to the back to float the print ¾” from the wall and hangs from a single point. For prints over 36” there is an aluminum subframe mounted on back with a french cleat system for hanging.

Chromaluxe Metal Prints

The photo is first printed on a transfer paper using a dye-sublimation printer. The print is then placed onto the Chromaluxe metal and placed into a heat press which causes the dyes from the transfer paper to transform into a gas. These gaseous dyes are pressed into the surface of the metal, and as the metal cools, the dyes return to their solid state, becoming permanently infused into the aluminum substrate. Metal prints are easy to clean and are also temperature and moisture resistant. Finish options are glossy, semi-gloss, or matte. Your print will come as semi-gloss unless requested otherwise. On the back will be an inset frame and depending on the size will have either sawtooth hangers in the top corners or a cleat hanging system.If glare and reflections are a concern, I would recommend matte or the Dibond mounted prints I offer.


Canvas prints are an economical option for those on a budget and work well for larger prints that will be viewed at a distance.
Canvas prints provide a textured, canvas-like surface, giving them a tactile, painterly quality. They are stretched over 1.5” wooden frames for a classic gallery-wrap look. The edges of the wrap are mirrored which means the sides of the canvas will reflect the outer edges of the image. This approach ensures the main image remains fully visible on the front, without any cropping or loss of important details on the edges. The canvas is then protected by a satin varnish coating. On the back are tapered sawtooth hangers in each top corner.

Paper print

Your photo is printed on Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag 310 gsm paper. This is considered one of the best fine art papers available and with its luster finish hits the sweet spot between glossy and matte. The print will come with a 1/2-inch white border (outside the ordered size) which makes for easier matting, framing and handling.
-The combination of premium 100 percent cotton platinum paper, with the latest micro-porous coating
-Ultra-white without the use of OBAs
If you prefer a matte paper that can be arranged no problem.

Testimonials (I’ve been selling prints for over 30 years, but have only recently begun saving comments and feedback with the launch of my new website platform in 2024)

  • “I wanted to let you know we received the prints and I dropped them off to the framer last week. When I dropped them off, I was able to look at the prints and wanted to let you know that these turned out so beautiful! I am very pleased with the prints and can’t wait to see the finished product.
    The prints were seriously beautiful, and the colors came out amazing- great job!”
    Kinzel with River and Lime Interiors
  • Hi Whit…we received the print and love it! Thanks so much! Debbie
  • The photo arrived today. We were worried about packaging but there wasn't a single mark on it. The picture is spectacular!! We love it. Thanks so much!!
    Rick & Linda